2011 Hijiri

- Alberghi Ascoli

2011 Hijiri

The traditional Japanese culture comes back to Ascoli Piceno during the second weekend of October with the show Hijiri. In this 2011 wil be from 7th to 9th.
Japan is a fascinating country, rich of contradictions, and many aspects of its culture are evocative for the western culture. Qualified teachers will show us some peculiarities of Japanese arts, from calligraphy (illustrated by Shunga Shiramizu) to the famous Tea ceremony (explained by Sumi Koga), as well as the typical war techniques with the infamous Katana, the long, curved Japanese sword, 60 cm. long, the true samurai's soul according to the tradition (exhibited by Massimo Rossi).

The western term Calligraphy doe not express the real meaning of writing in Japan, where the word shodō means "the road of writing", an art which requires a constant commitment, leading us through a technical improvement towards the inner perfection.

The Tea ceremony (Sado) i san old ritual to prepare and drink tea, a tradition which was deeply influenced by Zen Buddhism, with its spirituality and the aesthetic discipline. It consist of many rituals, known by heart, and a series of gestures which are typical of the Japanese hospitality.

The town sports hall will house technical trainings open to simple fans and professionals of martial arts.

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